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 Part community, part classroom, part coaching program, and 100% everything-you-need-to-do-huge-things in your online business this year.

6-month online business accelerator

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"After blogging forever, to finally have a reliable way of making money doing something I love is life-changing. And I would never have done it without Kate and her advice"


I'm Kate McKibbin, a super-tall marketing & business-nerd, and back in 2007 I started my first online business.

Within 6-months I was making regular money, within 12-months it was my full-time job, and after just a few years I was receiving nearly 500k visitors a month, had a team of five and was earning multiple 6-figures.

Then I started my second business (and grew it even faster!). 


Actually, that was just the beginning...

Not to sound like I am bragging (I'm not about that I swear), but $100,000+ months are now not that unusual in these parts... and if I can do it, so can you!

And I know this because I've now had the privilage of teaching over 1,000 bloggers + online business owners (and I've seen amazing results happen for them too)

All you need is the right advice, right support and a bit of the right training too.

And that is exactly what I want to share with you (and more) inside Boss Squad!


"Not only is Kate knowledgeable, but she's friendly and helpful. She takes time to ask questions, get to know your business, and provide personalised responses to her crew. It's one thing to do an e-course, but it's a whole new level to have the guidance and support that Kate and her team (and the other members) provide."


Are you an ambitious online entrepreneur or boss blogger looking to take her business (& bank account) to the next level?


Is Boss Squad right for me?

Are you...

sick and tired of trying to DIY everything, of buying courses you don't complete, or of trying to make one-size-fits-all advice fit you and your unique business?


Are you...

searching for a way to get  real, actionable and valuable feedback + advice for your business? Even better if it's from someone who runs a successful online business themselves?


Are you...

craving the kind of support and motivation that you can only get from being part of a community of women who "just get it", and get you & your business as well?


Are you...

committed 300% to getting focused, doing the right work, pushing past your comfort zone (just a bit) + of course hustling when required to make your business dreams come true?


Yay, then Boss Squad is totally perfect for you!

And I am so excited to help you finally get the right training, advice and support to really make a difference to your business, your profits and your life over these next six months. 


how exactly does BOSS squad help you grow your BUSINESS?

Part One: The Right Advice

Because we all know that online training is awesome, but that nothing beats having a real, live person (who gets it and you!), right there in the trenches with you.

This includes monthly group coaching calls where you get 1-on-1 access to me to share advice, brainstorm and answer all your Qs (worth US$197 each). 

Access to our members only Slack channel for anything that pops up in-between.

Plus an exclusive live online planning workshop with me to get you started right (worth US$397).


3 simple steps to grow your biz

Part Two: The Right Training

Your Boss Squad membership gives you access to every single SBB course ever (worth US$2836), to help you master everything from email marketing, Pinterest, creating courses, launches, funnels and of course blog content.

But because I don’t want to overload or overwhelm you I also help you plan out your own custom action plan, which is your own step-by-step plan of what you need to do, and learn, to make sure you are laser focused and get epic results. 


Part Three: The Right Support

I believe growing your business is so much easier and more fun when you have awesome business besties there cheering you on, and Boss Squad provides just that.

We have accountability groups, planning sessions, our own slack channel and groups, plus awards and rewards to keep you motivated and on track. 

Value? Priceless!


Bonus Time


plus YOU get all these:

My step-by-step action plans, scripts, templates & calculators for every phase of your business (worth $997). 

My easy to use (& customise) web page templates and theme (worth $697).
Live weekly Q&A sessions with my team of mentors (worth $97 each)

eBooks and content upgrade templates (worth $47 each)

And much, much more... 

It's my mission to help take the stress and the pain out of growing your online business, so I have created an exclusive suite of tools and templates to help you do just that. 

Q: When does Boss Squad start?

Right now! Yep, it's ready for you to log on and start exploring right away. And to tide you over until the next monthly office hours call or our first live workshop we have a special 5-day success kick-start challenge ready for you to dive in and start straight away. 

Q: When are the Office Hours calls and workshops?

As we have members from around the globe finding a time frame that works for everyone is pretty tricky. So, we have two sessions at different times each month, and we update them for Daylight savings periods too. 

When you sign up to Boss Squad you will get a calendar with all the details of upcoming sessions and workshops. 

Psst.. But don't worry if you can't make it to every session, all sessions are recorded and you can pre-submit questions in advance. Plus we have our own dedicated Slack channel where you can ask questions at any time, so you are still totally supported either way. 

Q: But I am already in Blog Squad, what happens if I join Boss Squad?

If join the Boss Squad, you STILL get normal access to Blog Squad as long as you are a Boss Squad member - but we will jump in and stop any further Blog Squad payments.

Make sense?? Hope so (if not feel free to email us!)

Also, we do have to manually switch things over (sadly our membership software just isn't that smart!), so please allow up to 72 hours for the switch to take place, but if you do have a normal Blog Squad payment that comes out in that time we will refund it. x

Q: What if I want to stay longer than the 6-months?

Well you totally can. 6-months is our minimum committment (and the minimum amount of time it takes for most people to see great results), but if you're loving it (and we hope you are), at the end of the 6-months you can stay on, at your current rate.

So even if the price goes up you'll only pay today's rate for as long as you are a Boss Squad member . 

Q: What if I want to leave before the 6-months?

Because of the sheer amount of value you'll have access to from month one in Boss Squad, and because 6 months is pretty much the minimum amount of time it takes to see real and lasting change in your business, the Boss Squad membership has a minimum period of 6 months (and therefore 6 payments).

It's only fair, right?

You do get a 30 day satisfaction guarantee of course (you can read all about it here), but if you have any kind of inkling that you might not be in this for the long-haul and might want to bail half-way through then, no offence, but please don't sign up. 

This is a program for 300% committed people only. 

Q: What if I don't love it?

We actually offer a two-way, no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee. Because we want to make sure you are right for this program, as much as you want to make sure the program is right for you.

So if you jump in now you have 30 days (from when the program starts) to try it out, and if you don't think it is going to be able to help you grow your business, then just let us know and we'll happily refund your money. 

The same goes if we see that someone is not the right fit for the program, we will happily refund their money and help them find a more suitable option too. 

Q: What happens at the end of the 6-months?

At the end of your 6-month Boss Squad membership you have two choices. 

1 - Stay in the Boss Squad crew, and keep all your access to all the SBB courses and the Boss Squad community + keep attending our monthly group calls and workshops. And you can keep on paying your monthly access, month-to-month at the same rate you signed up for.

Or, 2 - if you don't need any more Boss Squad support, you can leave (we will miss you), but of course when you do you will lose all access to any SBB courses (except for those you purchased separately), and of course to the Boss Squad community + calls. 

Q: In what currency are your payments?

Payments are in USD (US$). We do business internationally and have members from all over the world, and the USD$ is the most globally recognized currency.

Q: I have another question?

We’re more than happy to answer your questions! Please email us at so we can get you the information you need.

still got questions?

Access to every SBB course ever (worth US$2836)

Monthly Group coaching calls (worth US$197 each)

2 x online hot-seat sessions (worth US$197 each)

20 x exclusive step-by-step action plans (worth US$97 each) 

 + Accountability groups + Private forum

+ Awards + rewards for achieving your goals to keep you motivated

 + 24/7 access to me + mentors, and weekly live Q&A sessions 

Total Value = US$5752

your 6-month boss squad membership includes:




I want to make sure you love it + you get awesome results!

If you jump in & join the Boss Squad today you are 100% covered by our two-way, no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

Because we want to make sure you are right for this program, as much as you want to make sure the program is right for you.

So if you jump in now you have 30 days (from when the program starts on July 28th) to try it out (and by try it we mean log on, join the FB group and complete at least the first simple training) - and if you don't think Boss Squad is going to be able to help you grow your business, then just let us know and we'll happily refund your money. 

The same goes if we see that someone is not the right fit for the program, we will happily refund their money and help them find a more suitable option too. 

Let’s make 2017 your best year ever; for your business, your blog, your bank account, and everything in between

this is just what i need...


How much?

If you're sick of feeling overwhelmed with your mile-long to-do and "to-learn" list. If you're over losing hours down the Google rabbit hole and never actually seeing the rewards for your efforts. If you're fed-up with expensive coaches & courses who don't  even "get" you and your business in the first place.

Then click below and let's make that dream of yours finally happen!

If you're busting to carve out your own kick-ass corner of the Internet but you don't want to waste any more time or money on "guessing" how to do it.
Then click below & lets do it together!

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Elyse launched her first 5 figure course

"I have officially created my very first eCourse and it feels incredible to have taken something which was just a small seed of an idea in my soul, create it with all of my love, and put it out into the world!

Kate is incredibly engaged and supportive - it feels like you're being taught by an old friend!" 

Elyse, Notes On Bliss (

I've gone from Blog to Business...

"Kate makes building a viable online business that I love from a faraway fantasy to an achievable, do-able reality. And you don't have to be a super-advanced, techie geek to get there. Yes, it's hard work, but Kate has made it so easy and fun."


100 members in her first launch (with no list!)

"After blogging for almost 10 years, the idea of starting something totally new & from scratch was really scary. But I had this idea for a course I knew would be awesome, but I also knew I didn't want to wait another 10 years for it to get there. So I started working with Kate, and she guided me step-by-step from zero to launch and beyond. 

In under 90 days she helped me perfect the idea, sort out my tech, build my totally new audience from scratch, and launch my new course with such a bang that I made over 100 sales in my very first launch. 

I can't recommend Kate and her nerdy, marketing brain more to anyone looking to turn their next great idea into a real and viable online business." 


400 new customers and counting

"So grateful I made the investment which at first felt like a lot and now I pinch myself for not investing in myself sooner - it has changed the way I look at investing in my business, a small drop in the bucket compared to what you could possibly earn.

Kate gave me the skills, confidence and drive to create a product that is not only profitable but packed with value that I'm incredibly proud of. "

Jaclyn, Blog Society

From 0 to working with brands in just 6 months

"I literally started my blog in week one and I cannot believe how much I've achieved in the few short weeks thus far.
Kate is down-to-earth, supportive and knows everything there is to know about creating a successful blog that not only creates revenue but also creates value for your readers.
I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone that's wanted to start their own blog or take their existing blog to the next level!" 


Finally making a profit...

"After blogging for 3 years, this was the kick in the ass I needed.

It opened my eyes to how SEO works and not only that but also enabled me to monetise my blog and actually make my blog pay for itself.

Before SBB I was just about covering costs but now I'm actually making a profit.


what could you achieve in the next 6 months?